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TrackAbout delivers a solution for gas distributors that meets the challenges of the real world.  By taking the complexity out of data accuracy and integrating with existing business systems, TrackAbout helps companies increase revenue and avoid customer and margin erosion by better managing their assets and their customer relationships.




“I was surprised by how many mistakes we caught on invoices using TrackAbout.  Just catching these mistakes and creating a culture of accuracy have paid for the system.”
     – Rich Smith, Owner,  S.J. Smith


“We’re the only one in our area with a closed-loop system to track cylinders with barcodes and serial numbers—for every customer, on every cylinder we own, every time.  Cylinders are always credited to the right account, regardless of who returns them.  Because our customers trust us and believe in our system, they’re more likely to be lifetime customers.”
     – Sandy Gobrish, Executive Vice President, Butler Gas Products Company




For more information about how TrackAbout can help your company increase efficiencies and profitability, call 800-960-1510, visit our website at www.trackabout.com or complete the form below to contact one of our representatives.



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