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Supply Chain Services has partnered with TrackAbout since 2015 to offer our clients exceptional hardware services and device management solutions.  They take hardware seriously and have something to say about using the right equipment in potentially dangerous environments. Here’s an article written by Supply Chain Services about the importance of Intrinsically Safe Devices.  


Everything You Need to Know About Intrinsically Safe Devices

What is an intrinsically safe device?

Intrinsically safe devices – or iSafe devices – refers to devices that will not cause an explosion (through generation of heat or spark) in the hazardous location where they are used. In North America, there are two classifications for Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) that impact the need for intrinsically safe devices: Division I and Division II. Division I means that a flammable combination of gas, dust, or vapor occurs in your warehouse at least occasionally. Division II means that a flammable combination of gas, dust, or vapor occurs in your warehouse rarely and only for a short duration.

Do I need to worry about it in my warehouse?

An explosion in the warehouse needs three things to occur: a flammable substance, an oxidizer, and a spark or heat. First, if you have not already done so, you need to determine what division your warehouse falls under by conducting a study following the guidelines set by the NEC, CEC, OSHA, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). If your workplace has been identified as a Division I HazLoc, you must use only Division I-certified intrinsically safe devices. If your workplace has been identified as a Division II HazLoc, you must use only Division II-certified devices. Any deviation from these rules can result in an explosion.

Honeywell CK71 Honeywell CK71

Honeywell CN70 Honeywell CN70

What are my device choices?

There is a variety of ruggedized mobile devices, including handheld, PDA, and tablet form factors, running Windows Mobile, Windows 10, or Android, that are certified for one of the two divisions. Supply Chain Services will conduct a needs analysis to determine which device best suits your warehouse and processes. For example, we may recommend the CK71 for a warehouse with a more rugged environment, or the CN70 if you need a PDA style device that is not as rugged. We’ll find the right device for your needs and configure it so it’s usable right out of the box.


Beware of Unauthorized Vendor Products

In some cases, you might be looking for a deal and hop on eBay to find an iSafe device. Be careful of these as they may not be up to safety standards and meet the HazLoc classification of your warehouse. Making sure you stay in compliance with safety standards will help keep your business running smoothly, Supply Chain Services will ensure your device is safe for your warehouse.


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