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TrackAbout Partner, Metalcraft, Knows Asset Tags & Labels

TrackAbout partners with MetalCraft to provide quality asset tracking and tagging solutions.  TrackAbout would like to share this article written by MetalCraft, which has specialized in asset tagging since 1950 and has lots of experience in asset tags and labels to pass along to our customers.


Metalcraft, a premier supplier of asset tags and labels, knows a thing or two about asset tracking and tagging solutions. Having been a manufacturer of metal and foil tags for over 65 years and polymer labels for over 25 years, a company learns a lot about fixed asset management requirements, processes and pitfalls.

Whether it's gas cylinders that need to be located and identified, heavy equipment that needs to be inventoried or any mobile asset that needs to be tracked, with so many different types of applications and wide array of demands to successfully implement an asset tracking solution, Metalcraft undoubtedly has knowledge and expertise to ensure the asset tagging project is done right.

With a tip of the hat to Murphy’s Law, unexpected things do happen that disrupt and cause issues and unfortunately fixed asset management projects are not immune.

For many TrackAbout projects, Metalcraft offers a very durable polymer barcode label that will adhere to assets under the most unusual and trying circumstances. When the unexpected does happen, assets can be quickly identified and tracked appropriately.

Durable Polymer Labels

One example of our durable polymer labels is Metalcraft’s Premium Polyester Barcode Label. This label is made of .002" thick white or silver polyester which can withstand moderate to harsh exposure, mild to moderate abrasion and temperatures up to 250°F for short durations. It reaps the benefits of  the latest high-resolution digital technology available, which provides excellent clarity and easy scanning.

Although, due to the contrast needed for the barcode tracking scanner, all barcodes are black, the Premium Polyester Barcode Label can deliver, at no extra cost, spot custom colors to perfectly match a company brands. Black, blue, red, green and yellow are standard colors available for various copy, type, logos, and custom design..  Using the latest high-resolution digital technology available and subsurface printing, barcodes and the rest stand up against solvents, caustics, and acids. When exposed to more than 2,500 revolutions on a Taber Abraser, the barcode was readable under the physical abuse.

Superior adhesion is also a hallmark of Metalcraft labels. When a tag or label is applied to a clean surface, the .002" MC78 adhesive has excellent durability that is particularly suited for a wide range of polyolefin and other low-surface energy materials (powder paints, etc.).

In peel tests, after six hours at 180°  submerged in water, bathroom and glass cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, brake fluid, diesel fluid, and solutions of lye, salt and nitric acid, Premium Polyester Labels maintained a good tack level.

In heat tests, after one hour of exposure to high temperatures, label adhesion remained good (4.6 pounds of pull pressure per inch) at 104°F, but declined to approximate half (2.1 pounds per inch) when the temperature rose to 392°F, yet the labels still maintained a tackiness.

Not every scenario, however, needs a barcode label that meets the stringent requirements that a Premium Polyester label fills. It is for this reason that many customers opt for other polymers and adhesives that do not require extra strength in application. Different tag and label constructions can work great in a wide variety of environments saving money yet still providing perfect fit for the application.

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Qualifying the Project & Customer Success

Metalcraft is known for manufacturing labels that are durable under the most stringent conditions. By using a team that listens to the needs of its customers, Metalcraft has built a reputation for producing world-class tags that perform in any environment.

Our qualification process is the most comprehensive in the industry and enables us to put together labels that will meet the requirements and demands of the job. Just a few of the services we provide our customers include:

  • Dedicated label specialists help select inputs to ensure proper construction for the project (specialty laminates, polymers, etc.)
  • Durability is tested and verified
  • Appearance is manually and automatically verified (alignment is precise, colors and print are bright and  correct to company brand, the polymer is and remains clear without bubbles, particulates or yellowing).
  • Numbering is manually and automatically verified (serialized/unserialized numbers, barcode with human readable numbers without duplication or skips)
  • Production time is fast (most labels are out the door within a week of the order).
  • Customer need is met (through sales personnel and in-house consultation)

One thing that can be counted on is Metalcrafts stand behind the quality of its products.

In offerings and service, other label converters may claim similar products to Metalcraft’s but with our experience and knowledge we stand behind our product and deliver what is promised.  The bottom line is “Does the label work for the customer?” At Metalcraft we ensure they do. Our labels can be counted on to work. They work well for the life of the asset and beyond and they work for the companies and people they serve.

To learn more about Metacraft and their entire line of durable asset tags and labels visit www.idplate.com and read their blog at blog.idplate.com

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