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TrackAbout Release Notes – February 2017

TrackAbout regularly puts out new features and improves existing ones. Below are some of the changes in the most current software release:

  • Current Inventory – Saved Custom Searches
  • Customer Audits – Improved Filtering
  • Truck Reconciliation – Support for Return Only Trips
  • TAMobile 6 – Security Enhancements
  • New Ownership Type
  • Smartphone – Support for Scanning Lost Assets during Order Creation
  • Removed Trucks from Add New Order drop down
  • Search by Trips during Find Trip Load
  • Alphabetized Asset Family page
  • Performance improvement for the Ramp Lots page

If you have questions about how you can start using any of these new features, please reach out to our Support team at support@trackabout.com.


The Inside Track: TrackAbout Support Team Shares Favorite Features

Alex Neubert, the newest member of the TrackAbout Support and Implementation Team, polls her co-workers about their favorite TrackAbout feature they think our customers will love.

Alexandra (Alex) NeubertTrackAbout Support and Implementation Team Member Alex Neubert
Implementation Specialist
TrackMate since May 2016

As the newest member of the TrackAbout Support and Implementation Team, I began to swear by the TrackAbout Wiki to learn the ins and outs of TrackAbout and to help solve problems for clients. To assist in growing my knowledge, I relied on my fellow TrackMates to help me along the way. I used their expertise to learn as much as I possibly could. Day by day, as they told me about their favorite features, different modules, and the tips and tricks that one could only learn with years of experience, I realized how much more I had to learn. So it made me wonder have our clients missed out on anything? Are there awesome features that somehow slipped through the cracks amongst all of the great things that TrackAbout has to offer? Are there tips that could make our users’ experience better? This inspired me to share the knowledge of my TrackMates with our readers and introduce them as the experts they are.


1 + 1 = 3 in Demo Medical Equipment Tracking

Jim Glessner

Jim Glessner

By linking the tracking systems of manufacturers and dealers: 1 (Manufacturer) + 1 (Dealer) = 3 (Happy Manufacturer, Dealer and Patient).

Medical equipment manufacturers supply their dealers with demo equipment for their customers, usually patients or clinics, to test. Dealers evaluate whether the equipment provides the expected usefulness and measure the appropriate fit so patients can achieve the desired results. If the fit isn’t good they supply another piece of demo equipment or exchange components until a good fit is determined.

Demo Medical Equipment is Often Lost

As demo equipment moves around from showroom to clinic to hospital to patient’s home and back again, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Dealers often use Post-it notes and spreadsheets to keep track of the equipment to no avail. These manual methods always fail in the long run, as human nature lends to illegible handwriting, transposed numbers, missed transactions and lost paperwork.

Even if dealers effectively maintain these analog methods, there is always the problem of someone (like manufacturer reps, clinicians, etc.) outside of the dealer’s corporate network, and not authenticated on the corporate tracking system, moving the equipment to a new location. This is especially true because no organization takes responsibility for paying for the equipment until it is placed successfully with a patient.


Finding Lost Assets is Easier Than Pokémon Go

Asset Tracking Expert Louise Pickett

Louise Pickett Senior Support Specialist, TrackAbout

This story comes from Louise Pickett, TrackAbout Senior Support Specialist.

It’s always fun to get out of the office to see what our clients are up to. They are always doing interesting things. And now, with the TrackAbout smartphone app, the tasks are so much easier from anywhere.

It was a beautiful spring day in California, and I was at a client site for a new implementation training. I suggested ahead of time that we visit a customer close by to perform a customer audit to ensure accurate balances. So after lunch at the local burrito place, Bob, Rachel, Umberto and I hopped in the car and headed over to see one of their customers. Mike, our client’s sales rep, met us at the customer location since he had nurtured a good relationship with them.

Mike selected a great customer for this audit. They create displays for all kinds of conventions and trade shows. Their location is a huge warehouse, with stations for welding, for woodworking, for any kind of creating you can imagine!

We all got out our smartphones and started scanning cylinders as part of the audit. When we thought we were done, I logged into the TrackAbout website, right from my smartphone, and checked the customer’s balance. We were three scans shy of what TrackAbout thought they should have. So we walked all over the warehouse, searching for more. In the process, we found Stormtroopers and Pokémon eggs, as well as a two-story, wooden house which was under construction, all right there inside the warehouse. This was pure geek heaven!


TrackAbout Announces Integration with Chempax

TrackAbout, a worldwide provider of asset tracking and management software solutions, announced today that its platform has been integrated with Chempax, the leading ERP software application developed specifically for chemical process manufacturers and chemical distributors by Datacor, Inc.

TrackAbout is a cloud-based software solution to track and manage returnable chemical containers. The integration connects TrackAbout as the mobile front end to Chempax to collect relevant data in real time using smartphones, tablets or rugged handheld scanners to read barcode labels or RFID tags. It automates the serial container tracking component of Chempax.


In focus … Cylinder Tracking and Telemonitoring

This article, written by Rhea Healy, originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of gasworld. It is reprinted with permission.

It seems that in today’s world, the need for immediate and mobile data is now the norm, with smartphones and the internet practically essential to keep connected to the world. Any information you desire is now just one click away in most cases.

As these trends infiltrate everyday life, they do of course also extend into the industrial gas industry, where the role of ‘smart’ technology has become a staple asset in cylinder tracking and similar industrial applications, eradicating the traditional pen and paper method of a seemingly distant era.

More and more high-profile companies are implementing tracking systems with ‘smart’ features, but just how much further can this evolve and what other technological trends could possibly emerge from this point? 


A Shared Vision in Asset Management: An Interview with TrackAbout

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of gasworld. It is reprinted with permission.


Jim Glessner

Tim Fusco

Tim Fusco

Doug O'Dell

Doug O’Dell

TrackAbout co-founders Jim Glessner and Tim Fusco, and Vice-President of Sales, Doug O’Dell discuss the shared vision of eradicating the ‘black holes’ in the industrial gas supply chain.

Founded in 2000 by former Butler Gas Products employee Jim Glessner and software developer Tim Fusco, Pennsylvania-based TrackAbout, Inc. has become a leading authority in industrial gas asset management. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to tracking, managing and maintaining gas cylinders have filled a significant gap in the market over the past 16 years and helped to put an end to the loss of invaluable data that may otherwise have slipped through the cracks.

It all began from Glessner’s own experiences in the industry, having witnessed just how much time was wasted disputing cylinder balances with customers, correcting data entry and ultimately searching for ‘lost’ cylinders. He realised that gas distributors could gain significant benefits if only they had the tools to manage their business with more efficiency. Against this backdrop, and with a technology revolution rapidly unfolding, TrackAbout was launched.

The company has continued to evolve through an active relationship with its customer base since then, which includes world-class organisations in 17 countries; but there was a time when its future did not seem so certain to be realised. Glessner explained, “Your question about our company’s inception makes me pause because it was never very certain we would ever get off the ground, let alone become a leader.”


Feature Spotlight – Rental Flat Fees

Our ongoing Feature Spotlight series highlights one important tool in the TrackAbout toolbox to help you operate more efficiently and maximize the utilization of your assets.

Flat Fees

This month, we highlight a feature helpful to our clients subscribing to TrackAbout’s Rental Module. Through TrackAbout Rental, clients have the ability to incorporate the use of Flat Fees in their monthly rental process, allowing you to optimize your rental while ensuring your customers know exactly what they’re paying for.  

TrackAbout supports several kinds of flat fees which can be applied to all or a subset of your customers and in a variety of scenarios. Flat fees will be itemized on your TrackAbout-generated rental invoices to provide clear and transparent explanations to your customers.


Recovering Delinquent Rental Revenue with TrackAbout

General Welding Tracks Down Rental RevenueOne of the industries TrackAbout has found success with is called Packaged Gas. Companies in this particular industry make all types of gases, such as oxygen, helium and acetylene for industry, medicine, manufacturing and research. Gas is placed in cylinders, which are then tracked using TrackAbout. Most Packaged Gas companies charge rent on the containers for as long as they’re with the end customers.

Occasionally a gas distributor finds itself with a customer that just refuses to pay its rental bill. TrackAbout’s customer General Welding Supply Corporation (GWSCO) of Long Island, NY recently shared the following story.


Feature Spotlight – Order Picking

A new posting for our series called Feature Spotlight. In each new article we will highlight one important tool in the TrackAbout toolbox to help you operate more efficiently and maximize the utilization of your assets.

About Order Picking for Delivery

Ensure your drivers get out the door with the items they need to fulfill customer deliveries.  Even better, do it without having to carry around a ton of paperwork. TrackAbout provides functionality to assist in preparing your orders for delivery. Some industries call this process “Preparing Orders for Delivery”, “Staging”, or “Sort Trip Load”.