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When you’re having a problem in TrackAbout and need answers now, the best way to get a resolution is to open a Support Request/Ticket via phone or email. 

Submitting a ticket with complete and concise information can mean the difference between an instant answer and one that could go unresolved longer than necessary.  Read on to learn how to create effective Support Tickets and achieve faster resolution times.

What Are the Basics of an Effective TrackAbout Support Ticket?

Well, wait... What is a Support Ticket?

The term "support request" or “support ticket” describes the interaction between a customer and a service representative. It is the first step allowing your business to create, update, and hopefully resolve any issues your end-users might have.

Most TrackAbout clients submit issues and questions to TrackAbout Support through an email to  support@trackabout.com.  When submitting that email, here are the tips for creating a ticket the Support team will be able to address immediately. 

  • Subject Line of Email - Does it convey your question or request?
  • It's All in the Details - The more detailed the ticket, the more likely we can answer your question with speed and accuracy.
    • Provide a precise location on the website or device.  If possible, give us a link (URL) to where in the website you encountered the issue. 
    • We love screenshots and videos! These give us detail about the problems you are encountering that you might not have thought of to send to us.
    • What’s the urgency of the issue?  Is it a casual question about how the system works?  Or is this an urgent problem that is affecting your business?
    • Give us a timeline.  Have you requested a report?  Give us a date by when you need the report.  Help us to ensure you get it by that Quarterly review or Board Meeting.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions we will need to ask you.  The sooner you can provide this kind of information, the more quickly we can resolve your issue: 

Is the problem with a Handheld?  

      • Who was the user? Is it only one person or multiple users affected?
      • What action were you trying to perform?
      • Which screen are you on when the problem occurs?  Can you take a screenshot?
      • Is the problem intermittent or all the time? Can the problem be replicated?
      • What model handheld are you using and what is the latest TrackAbout Mobile version downloaded on it?
        • How to find this on Windows Devices?
        •  The TrackAbout version can be found on the bottom right of the log-in screen.
        • How to find this on a Phone: Apple (IOS) or Android?
          • The TrackAbout version can be found by pressing the three lines in the top left-hand corner (AKA: Hamburger menu) while in the TrackAbout app.  Then, click settings and you will see your version at the bottom.


Is the problem on the Website?

      • Who was signed in? Is it only one person or multiple users affected?
      • What action were you trying to perform? 
      • Copying and pasting the URL in your ticket will allow our Support Team to go directly to the page you are having trouble with.
      • Is the problem intermittent or all the time? Can the problem be replicated?

What Happens Next?

Once you submit the email, you should receive an automated message letting you know your email was received and a Support Ticket was created.  If you do not receive that automated message, please make sure to follow up with us.

Is the issue an emergency? i.e stopping the use of your Production system? If so, skip the emailed Support ticket and call into our TrackAbout Support line.  This is a free service included in your TrackAbout subscription and we’re here to assist you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 

Helping you get the most out of TrackAbout with the fewest issues is our Top Priority.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your TrackAbout Support Team