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Here’s a quick, fun thought experiment…

Imagine you have to transport a large amount of cash somewhere. Maybe you have to take it to the bank or need to purchase an item and only cash will do. It kind of has its own weight doesn’t it? Did you feel the need to be extra careful to make sure you didn’t lose it? Were you relieved once it was given over to professionals for safe-keeping?

Now, if your company has a lot of assets that go out into the world and come back again, try imaging those assets as bags of money. Imagine each bag contains the value of one asset. Think about this for a minute. Visualize your assets and let this sink in.

Bags of money

Wow. Kind of an unsettling feeling isn’t it? Share this with a co-worker and see if they get that same feeling too.

Is there really much difference in the value of those actual assets and the value of the bags of money that they could be? Not really. It is just a matter of perception.

Are you doing what you should to track and manage those bags of money? Do you know where you are losing them? Are you getting the most value out of those assets? Let us help. It’s what we do best.

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