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  • Asset tracking to reduce Medicare reimbursement rejections
  • Proper documentation is critical to CMS reimbursement. Yet research shows that 33% of Medicare claims are rejected due to inadequate proof of delivery.

Most suppliers operate a trustworthy business, but mistakes can still occur. Paper forms are prone to loss, illegible handwriting, incomplete information, inaccurate data and missing signatures. Storing, and eventually destroying, all that paper can be a costly hassle. In the world of post-payment Medicare audits, the obligation to maintain these records doesn’t end when payment is received. CMS requires suppliers to maintain these records for seven years.

The unfortunate reality is that, despite your best efforts, you can lose money that you’ve legitimately earned because of simple administrative mistakes. What would it mean to your business to ensure that doesn’t happen?

TrackAbout is an asset tracking software solution that tracks and manages equipment in real time. It was designed to bring cost savings and efficiencies to HME suppliers through better accuracy, equipment utilization and loss prevention. TrackAbout enables suppliers to digitize existing forms to appear on a smartphone, tablet or mobile computer. Drivers must follow required procedures. There’s no chance for incomplete information or skipped steps because the screens on the mobile device won’t advance until the required information is entered. All the information is stored in the mobile device and synced directly to the accounting system in real time if connectivity allows or later when connectivity is re-established.

CMS minimum documentation requirements state that proof of delivery must include:

  • Beneficiary name
  • Delivery address
  • Detailed description to identify the items being delivered (e.g., brand name, serial number, narrative description)
  • Quantity delivered
  • Delivery date
  • Beneficiary (or designee) signature and date of signature.

With TrackAbout, you can meet this obligation and do so much more.  Learn about how TrackAbout supports HME suppliers.

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