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They say fun, humor and laughter make work more enjoyable by reducing stress, improving morale, enhancing creativity, energizing people and bringing them together. I can testify that this is true at TrackAbout.

Not a day goes by that many good, honest belly laughs don’t ring out from the halls of cubicle land. I’m blessed to work with some of the most intelligent and witty people I’ve ever known. On those days when there seems to be too much to do or I’m working through a tedious project or when marketing isn’t the glamorous profession many assume it is, I’m thankful for the comedic brilliance of my coworkers which keeps me moving forward.

In a few weeks, we’re hosting our user conference, which we’ve amusingly named TrackApalooza. We’re working hard to infuse a sense of fun to what some might perceive as another boring business conference. (Not that asset tracking software isn’t the most interesting and amazing thing since sliced bread.) To promote the event, we created a short video titled “Top 10 Reasons to Attend TrackApalooza”. It’s one example of the kind of fun we have at work every day.

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