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Today we are introducing TrackAbout's new Status Page: http://status.trackabout.com

The status page provides transparency into the health of the TrackAbout services. It's hosted independently of our services so if our services go down, the status page stays up.

Using the status page, you can subscribe to updates regarding TrackAbout service status. We support email, SMS, webhooks and Atom/RSS feeds.

Subscribe to Updates button Look for this button!

The status page will provide advance notification of scheduled maintenance that may or may not disrupt service. It will also serve as an archive of all past scheduled maintenance.

We will use the status page to provide news in the event of an outage or other service disruption and again, serve as an archive of all past incidents.

The status page will report on system metrics. Currently, we're showing our Uptime as reported by Pingdom and our Apdex score as reported by New Relic.

In the event our services are down, visiting our usual web site should return an error page containing a link to the status page. But just in case, you might want to bookmark the status page or this blog post now so you'll be able to find it easily should you need to.

Please let us know if you have ideas for improving the status page.


Larry Silverman
Chief Technology Officer
TrackAbout, Inc.

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