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Asset Tracking Expert Louise Pickett Louise Pickett Senior Support Specialist, TrackAbout

This story comes from Louise Pickett, TrackAbout Senior Support Specialist.

It's always fun to get out of the office to see what our clients are up to. They are always doing interesting things. And now, with the TrackAbout smartphone asset tracking app, the tasks are made much easier from anywhere.

It was a beautiful spring day in California, and I was at a client site for a new implementation training. I suggested ahead of time that we visit a customer close by to perform a customer audit to ensure accurate balances. So after lunch at the local burrito place, Bob, Rachel, Umberto and I hopped in the car and headed over to see one of their customers. Mike, our client's sales rep, met us at the customer location since he had nurtured a good relationship with them.

Mike selected a great customer for this audit. They create displays for all kinds of conventions and trade shows. Their location is a huge warehouse, with stations for welding, for woodworking, for any kind of creating you can imagine!

We all got out our smartphones and started scanning cylinders as part of the audit. When we thought we were done, I logged into the TrackAbout website, right from my smartphone, and checked the customer's balance. We were three scans shy of what TrackAbout thought they should have. So we walked all over the warehouse, searching for more and hoping to find the lost assets.
In the process, we found Stormtroopers and Pokémon eggs, as well as a two-story, wooden house which was under construction, all right there inside the warehouse. This was pure geek heaven!

We didn't find any more assets. However, since we used the smartphone app for all of our scans, we didn't need to wait to get back to the plant to reconcile the audit. We used Mike's notebook with internet connection to immediately log into the application website and reconcile the audit. We found cases where an asset was scanned as one type during the audit, but TrackAbout showed the customer with a balance of a different type. The beauty is that since we were still there, we could go back into the warehouse, find the assets with discrepancies, and fix them on the spot. That's something that we could not have done had we used a rugged device and needed to wait to get back to the plant to reconcile the audit. If missing assets had been found, we would have declared them as lost.

One of the beauties of TrackAbout is how intuitive the software is. And now, with the smartphone asset tracking app, all those wonderful things that our customers are doing with TrackAbout are that much easier!

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