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Asset Tracking Software Helps HMEs with Compliance and Communication

Asset tracking software eliminates sticky notes

As a medical equipment provider, you’re subject to a considerable amount of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. And you probably manage contracts that each have specific obligations to which you must adhere. It’s a lot for anyone to remember. 

If you’re using handwritten signs or sticky notes to communicate critical information to your employees, you could be leaving your business vulnerable to serious consequences. Asset tracking software like TrackAbout can automate the communication process and free you from worry.

Let’s say you have a contract to provide oxygen to patients covered by the Veterans Administration. This VA region voluntarily complies with ISO 8359 which requires an oxygen safety device on the concentrator or breathing unit to prevent fatalities and injuries from oxygen enriched fires. Your contract requires you to install a safety device on all VA oxygen setups. 

Your delivery driver has several stops to make today. For every customer, he has to pay attention to a lot of details like delivering the right equipment, setting it up properly and following required administrative procedures. Being human, it’s not always easy to keep it all straight. The VA patient is the last stop before lunch, and the delivery driver is hungry. Even though he knows VA setups require an OxySafe valve and it’s written clearly on his delivery ticket, he forgets to install the device. What liability do you have? What are the financial implications?

Now, if your company had TrackAbout in place, your driver would not forget to install that valve. The scenario would go like this: The driver arrives at the patient’s home. He retrieves the delivery information on his smartphone from the TrackAbout app. He selects an oxygen concentrator from the delivery van and scans the barcode label with the smartphone. The app assigns this specific concentrator to the patient’s record. As the driver proceeds with the setup process, the app guides him through the necessary steps, including installing the safety valve. It’s impossible to skip a step, as the TrackAbout screens won’t advance until the current step is completed. 

This technology is also useful in recording, tracking and reporting equipment maintenance. With TrackAbout, you can establish step-by-step processes and procedures and know that they are being followed correctly. You’ll ensure equipment is operational and in safe working condition by receiving alerts that identify equipment that needs preventative maintenance. You’ll have a maintenance log for every piece of equipment. Each log provides a record of all work performed like inspections, tests, repairs and routine maintenance. Detailed and accurate records also help ensure that your equipment is performing in line with manufacturer warranties and can be essential in supporting your case in a lawsuit over faulty equipment. 

TrackAbout gives you better control over your assets and greater visibility into your operations.  Learn more about how TrackAbout helps HME suppliers.

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