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Big Breakthroughs are Transforming the Way Distributors Do Business

This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of CryoGas International. It is reprinted with permission.

Doug O'Dell Vice President of Sales, TrackAbout

Doug O’Dell

Award-winning author Thomas Friedman said, “Big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary.” ( Friedman was referring to the “college education revolution” where advancements in technology made it easier for more people to receive a college degree for a lower cost via an online platform. But history is full of big breakthroughs resulting from innovations that filled a desperate need. The printing press gave greater access to information and set the stage for a transformation of social literacy. The steam engine enabled growth of the railroad and boosted intercontinental trade. Electricity sparked a host of other inventions that account for most of our modern life. And now, cloud technology and mobile computing are changing the way compressed gas distributors operate.


Asset Management – The Smartphone Revolution

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of gasworld.

Smartphone scanning a gas cylinder for asset tracking

Smartphones and other sophisticated mobile devices have taken the world by storm – fundamentally changing the way many of us interact and work every day. People can now carry a small, relatively inexpensive powerful computing device with internet connectivity with them wherever they go. This has meant that, for better or worse, more people find themselves ‘always connected’. However for businesses, especially industries that manage lots of assets, these devices are nothing short of a positive game changing force.


Living in an Age of Connectivity: What does it mean for gas distributors?

Originally published in CryoGas International.

TrackAbout and Lockhouse are revolutionizing the way gas distributors think about their cylinders.

Like it or not, we live in an age of connectivity.  It seems like everyone has a smartphone and soon every thing will have some way of communicating through the Internet.  Technology is taking us places people only imagined a few short years ago.  The Internet is no longer only something we log on to for work or for play or to find a good deal.

The Internet of Things (IoT), where objects are equipped with identifying devices or machine-readable tags like barcodes or RFID chips, is transforming daily life.  This smart technology tracks aging family members’ routines and issues an alert if disruptions occur.  Smart thermostats use sensors, real-time weather forecasts and the activity in your home to reduce monthly energy usage.  Smart machines avoid downtime with embedded sensors that enable maintenance to be scheduled ahead of a failure.

Across every industry, companies are discovering new ways to use smart technology.  TrackAbout and its affiliate company Lockhouse are revolutionizing the way industrial gas suppliers and distributors think about their assets.

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