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Asset Tracking Software Drives Efficiency and Growth for HME Providers

Asset tracking software for HME Equipment

With reimbursements falling, sometimes steeply, home medical equipment (HME) companies are urgently turning their attention to cutting costs. Unlike less palatable choices, such as layoffs or buying lower-quality equipment, implementing the right technology can not only increase HME operating efficiencies, but also substantially improve performance and position companies for growth in an era of accountable care.

Asset tracking software provides this type of opportunity. With equipment as one of their biggest expenses, HME companies must ensure their assets are working as hard as possible and thus delivering an optimal return on investment.

By implementing dedicated asset tracking software, HME companies can establish an easy-to-use, highly efficient, and effective process for managing and maintaining equipment that maximizes the use and the useful life of their critical assets. Electronically tracking, sorting, and aggregating equipment data and producing reports enables HME companies to become more valuable partners to accountable care organizations (ACOs) that rely on electronic systems to knit together providers across the continuum of care.

Read the white paper.


PropertyCross Android Implementation Shootout


TrackAbout is evaluating cross-platform mobile application development frameworks for the next version of our mobile software. There are more than a dozen competing frameworks, with more appearing every week. It’s daunting to place a bet in a marketplace with this much flux.

Recognizing the confusion in the marketplace and choosing to do something about it are the people behind PropertyCross. You can read about their goals on their web site, but the short version is that they’ve published a spec for a modest mobile application and are soliciting developers to implement the spec using as many frameworks as possible. This is an invaluable resource for those trying make sense out of the options.

Source code for all implementations is available on Github as is the specification for the PropertyCross example application.

In February 2013, I downloaded all of the Android implementations published on the PropertyCross site and sideloaded them onto my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I then used every feature of each app in an effort to get a feel of the differences between the cross-platform mobile application frameworks.

The PropertyCross implementations reviewed (in no particular order) were: